Meroni wines since 1935 Production Doc and Docg wines of the Valpolicella Classical area.
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 - Meroni wines since 1935

The vinification
In the winery, the grapes come exclusively from estate vineyards are crushed and brought to the controlled fermentation in stainless steel tanks 

After racking and subsequent storage for 4-5 months in stainless steel the wine is transferred to the area of aging




 - Meroni wines since 1935

The long aging in wood
In the classic wooden barrels of 20-25 hl Slavonian oak, as tradition teaches in Valpolicella, the wine rests with periodic checks by the Valpolicella twelve months up to six years in the reserves like Amarone, until bottling

The wines are bottled in aging from 6 to 24 months depending on the product