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The poet: Berto Barbarani

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The poet of Verona...

Particularly attractive are the labels of the line "The Velvet", which show one of the many dedications of the poet Barbarani Berto, who often stayed at St. Ambrose and was linked to the family by Meroni great friendship

The verses of the poet emphasize in height of the war in 1943 Amarone received as a gift, enhancing the softness likely to make it look like velvet, showing that capacity in a witty rhyme:

"Meroni dear we received
Ambrose made the Velvet
that we have drunk your health ...
In these universal parapiglie
we assure you that your bottles
are the pharmacy of the families! "
 Berto Barbarani (1872-1945) poet Veronese dialect recognized even today as the second in the Italian dialect poet, he began his journalistic career as a young man, and later became the editor of the "L'Adige"

Some of his works:
In 1985 he published the booklet "El rosary of my heart"
In 1987 "The pitochi"
In 1900 "The montebaldine", in the same year "Canzoniere Veronese" then republished in several editions
In 1911, "Nuovo Canzoniere Veronese" here in the "San Zeno laughing" is touched one of the highest pinnacle of his art
In 1922 "Dreams"
Finally in 1936, "The Autumn of the Poet"

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"The Velvet" ("Il Velluto") is a registered trademark