Meroni wines since 1935 Production Doc and Docg wines of the Valpolicella Classical area.
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 - Meroni wines since 1935

The autochthonous wines of the classic Valpolicella

The Meroni company is located in one of the five municipalities of the Valpolicella Classico region and more specifically in the town of Sant'Ambrogio in about 18 km from the beautiful city of Verona, in the Valpolicella which houses the birth of Recioto the more famous Valpolicella and Amarone wine is famous all over the world for its production techniques and its longevity

The company covers 15 hectares of freehold properties, which at present fully 11 vineyards after a careful restoration of those areas more suited since the time of ancient Rome as a reservoir for the Empire "Vallpolis cells" Valley wineries

 The remaining 4 hectares are currently with olive trees and woods for the respect of the 'natural balance of the valley

In a cartographic document of 1706 of the State Archives of Venice is the old building, the current seat of the site in the farm "Sengia" which appeared in the "Land Cadastre Napoleonic" with the title of "arable vineyard planted with trees in the hill"

Since 1935 the company Meroni gets its products from only grapes from farms "Sengia" and "Maso", the first company in the valley behind the village of San Giorgio said "in gana poltron" which has a beautiful church Romanesque

The second farm situated in the locality Grola area considered today as the most suited Valpolicella, where legend has been born Recioto and Amarone

Here the family Meroni always owned cultivated with love and dedication from their own vineyards which gets its oil and its wines

Love for the land and its fruits the winemakers and vintners get the two lines of products: "Sengia" from the name of the farm of origin; "The Velvet" by the dedication of the famous dialect poet Verona Berto Barbarani

 - Meroni wines since 1935

The "GUYOT" farming system and pruning

 - Meroni wines since 1935

Harvest 2018

 - Meroni wines since 1935

The "PERGOLA" traditional farming system and pruning of Valpolicella

 - Meroni wines since 1935

The typical "arelle" (large trays of bamboo) for the natural drying of the grapes